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Elgin Motorcycles
Scottish motor cycle hire made easy.

We are an independent motor cycle company, run by Bike enthusiasts, located in Historic Elgin, Moray, Scotland.

Our 2 Main Services are

     Motor Cycle Hire

     Motor Cycle Tours

Our aim is to give you an opportunity to hit the road on two wheels, and have you return with a smile on your face! All this without having the costs of buying, insuring and servicing your own bike.

The north of Scotland is a potential paradise for bikers, with lots of winding roads and spectacular scenery to take in. There are also lots of small places to stop off at and spend the night, or enjoy a great lunch.

Imagine the feeling of having a weeks hire of a great, well maintained bike. Stopping at great little pubs, historic sites or biking around Loch Ness! There is no better way to explore Scotland.


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