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Oyster Assets
Oyster’s Web site is a global on-line marketing platform which aims to provide internet market coverage for oil and gas industry professionals, shipbrokers and ship owners who wish to buy and sell ships and used oilfield equipment.

By listing your ships and used oilfield equipment on Oyster you will bring your asset to the attention of a global audience of industry professionals who are searching the Internet for specific vessels and used energy assets in up to 20 countries.

Oyster Assets acts as a broker between you and the potential buyer to whom we introduce you. Potential buyers contact us once they’ve viewed your asset or vessel which is listed as being for sale, or long-term charter on the Oyster Web site.

If you have a requirement for vessel purchase or time charter, you can list your requirement anonymously on the Oyster Notice Board.

Project Managers, OIM’s and Engineers can also list specific oilfield equipment which they are looking to purchase for on-going or future projects. We contact you when a client has responded to your listed requirement.

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